På Vei
Travelling across the USA on our bicycles. Images and thougts here.

The beginning

So this is the end as they say. Or this is the beginning of the rest of your life as someone else say… yeah that sounds better!

Today we will fly back to Norway, exactly five months after we first sat our feet on the North American continent.

On our adventure we have experienced rain, cold, headwind, tiredness, exhaustion, hunger, pain, sweat, blood and tears, boredom, headache, soreness, heat, dehydration, sadness and irritation.

But must of all we´we felt sun, warmth, tailwind, energy, happiness, kindness, excitement, discovery, laughter, relief, surprises, amazement, amusement, togetherness, welcoming and love.

All together this have been a fantastic experience and now we have many good stories to tell the grandchildren when that time comes…:)

We want to thank all the wonderful people we have met along the way, you will always be in our hearts!

Also Thanks to all the people who have been following on this blog, motivating us and sharing our experiences.

Until we meet again: Enjoy your day and take care of each other!

Linda and Jonatan

The last week we have stayed with Aaron and his son Braxton. Aaron runs a bike shop and have many cool bikes himself. When we were cycling back from his store he saw a big piece of wood he wanted so he just loaded it on his “Cargo bike”  (the bike was already filled with groceries) - kind of the opposite of traveling lightweight!Thank you Aaron and Braxton for letting us stay with you!

Distance cycled: 8940 km
Flats: ca 7
States visited: 15 
New friends: Many!
Times staying with wonderful people: 21
Times staying with wonderful people who invited us on the street: 3

We made it! Champagne pick-nick in the park with fantastic views of Seattle and Mt Rainier. Cheers!
The last day on the bike

The last day on the bike we felt happy and kind of “lightweight”, just like we had inhaled lots of helium… The landscape looked like this: Mcdonalds, Subway, Pizza Hut, Walgreens, Taco Bell, Subway, Mcdonalds, Walgreens, Subway, and so on and so on. Halfway through the day we got an answer from a young couple just east of downtown Seattle that we were welcome to camp in their backyard - perfect!

Now we are enjoying our last days in the US walking around Seattle - a very nice city as it seems!

We are in a different kind of landscape now.
Rory had applied for over 200 jobs when he decided to take matters into his own hands. Good luck Rory!
Kind of an anticlimax… when we passed our last state border we couldn´t stop and pose - we had enough with trying not to be hit by the enormous trucks crossing the bridge by our side.

We have reached Seattle, our final destination on this trip! Hurray for us!

After our celebration pics and comments will be uploaded :)

Linda in a shopping mood!